The Salt and Sea Museum

The Sea and Salt Museum is an ethnological museum, reflecting the customs, arts and popular traditions of the village of Torrevieja, firmly associated with the sea and salt. A must-see museum for the well-versed, giving an in-depth description of this fisherman’s village. A good example are the salt boats, traditionally handcrafted in Torrevieja and unique in the world.

S-61 Delfín Submarine Floating Museum

Torrevieja’s floating museums are made up of three ships of different origins. On the one hand we have the S-61 Delfín Submarine and the Albatross III Customs Surveillance Patrol Boat.

Natural History Museum

A different museum. Here you will find cetacean and turtle skeletons stranded in Torrevieja. It also houses original replicas of dolphins and turtles as well as a complete collection of Tanzanian molluscs and countless local flora and fauna compilations.

Museum exhibition of Printing

The Printing Press in Torrevieja is a private Permanent Exhibition, created by Miguel Aráez Suárez, with over ten thousand pieces related to the history of printing, from the first roller printing machines, dating from 1888, to various printing and bookbinding objects.