Albatros III Customs Surveillance Floating Museum

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03181 Torrevieja
Inner harbour
De martes a sábado de 9:30 a 13:30h. Precio: 2 €. Altura mínima: 1,15 cm.
Torrevieja’s floating museums are made up of three ships of different origins. On the one hand we have the S-61 Delfín Submarine and the Albatross III Customs Surveillance Patrol Boat. The S-61 was the Spanish Navy's first ship which was converted into a floating museum specifically in the town that gave it its combat flag in 1971. The Albatross III Patrol Boat belonged to the Customs Surveillance Service until the 23rd of March 2006, when it became Torrevieja's second floating museum. And lastly, the “Pascual Flores” schooner, a reconstruction of the original ship used by the sailors of Torrevieja to sell their prized salt.
Submarino Delfin

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