Natural Park

The Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park is a protected area, covering 3,700 Ha; its environmental values have been globally recognised since 1972 with the RAMSAR Convention. Its main differentiating feature is its salt lagoons, the Laguna de Torrevieja and the Laguna de La Mata. The first one is pink and this is where the Torrevieja salt mine is located. On the other hand, the Laguna de La Mata is green and this is where the park’s Interpretation Centre is located. These striking colours are the result of various circumstances, one of which is the distinct saltiness of their waters. For those that love relaxed walks surrounded by nature and fresh air, this nature reserve is the best option possible. Visit the Interpretation Centre and discover the various possibilities this park has to offer, without doubt it is the ideal place for those who love nature tourism. Web del Parque Natural

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