Torrevieja’s gastronomy is famous for its quality, reflected in both its dishes and in its hotel and catering sector, with exceptional first-class service. Furthermore, Mediterranean cuisine is incredibly varied, with dishes based on sea products and vegetables from the rich and renowned area of Huerta del Bajo Segura. Well-balanced and tasty food, combining meat and fish dishes with vegetables through our many different recipes.
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Typical Dishes
The basis of Torrevieja cuisine is fish, represented in its well-known “caldero” (rice dish). “Caldero” is simply a type of rice dish made with the best fish stock, rock fish, such as Yellow eye Rockfish, grouper and “morralla” (small fish) from this type of seabed. These species eat specific food, giving them a very particular taste, resulting in extremely tasty stocks used to make this type of rice dish, in an iron dish called "caldero", which gives it an even more special taste.